Detector Test System and Probers

Systems for testing of Electro-optical detectors is the single most important product line of MES.

Whether your detector is a single element one or an array, operating at wavelength anywhere between 0.4 um to 12 um, in the form of an unpackaged die or in a packaged form, we can design test and characterization system for it.

For detectors like long exposure CCD or those operating at long infrared wavelength, we have a range of cooling systems operating right down to liquid nitrogen temperature. These systems can be equipped with up to five cooled, motorized precision probes for testing unpackaged detectors as well as various optical windows for providing optical stimuli to your detector. It is also possible to incorporate motorized movement for the test specimen.

Depending on your requirement, the cryostat can be configured to be a simple, thermoelectric one to continuous flow LN2 one with a cooled radiation shield, all operating in a clean vacuum and provided with extensive instrumentation.

Custom designed Dewars


Cryogenic Manual Probe Station

State of the art Probing Systems

End to end electro optical and mechanical design

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